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Liquid Sun Rayz is currently requiring training for anyone wanting to purchase more than the 32 oz retail bottle of its competition tanning solution. In order to continue with our good name it is important to ensure the proper application thus the training is imperative for the integrity of the product.

LSR conducts our effective training program at a minimum of 2 shows that we sponsor. This will enable you to see large numbers of competitors, using multiple coats and wearing the tan for multiple days. You will experience how to “fix” problem tans that have been slept in, how our moisturizer can help prevent potential problems in people with certain skin issues, how we set up and operate back stage including touch ups, extra coats, glazing technique. When to “pick your battles” regarding problem tans etc. Even people who have been spraying for years are amazed at the amount they learn when they come to train with us. We call it the “deer in the headlights” look after you have spent a weekend with us.

Our training package includes training for up to 2 people. We offset this cost by including a ½ gallon of solution for you take home with you once you have earned your certification. You should be able to make back most (if not all) of your training fee easily with that ½ gallon of solution. We will have you sign a non-compete clause with us before your training, and we also strongly suggest that you have your associate (if you choose to bring one) sign a non-compete with you as well with us. We have had people who we have trained get burned in the past by their “trusted associates”. All of your expenses for the weekend would be your own. You would be welcome to share a hotel room with us providing that we have extra space in our room.

Once you demonstrate proficiency in tanning you will then become a Certified LSR tanner and we send referrals to you when clients ask about tanning in your area. Most people need a minimum of 2 training shows before they can be certified (and some more than two). We review this on a case by case basis.

The shows are listed on our web site under the “book now” tab at the top of our home page. Please note that not all of the shows will be available for training because we are not the sponsor of all of the shows listed.

If you have any questions please complete the application below. We look forward to helping you learn the world of competiton tanning and can’t wait to help you become apart of the #LSRglobal Family

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