Competition Bronzer Mousse with Applicator Pad


The same rich LSR color you love in a mousse application.

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Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer was designed to provide an intense, dark, mahogany brown color, which can be achieved with a two coat application the night before . The  phenomenal overnight development, rarely requires more than minor touch ups in the morning.  Quick drying time and minimal rub off make this one of the most comfortable products to wear for your competition, and holds up exceptionally well on stage under intense lighting and heat. The distinct color , makes it a stand out on stage every time,  enhancing muscle definition to the fullest. Our product is formulated with great care, and contains moisturizing ingredients that are beneficial to your skin, to avoid the drying effects often associated with self tanning products. With our product, wake up being as dark as necessary for your competition, and less stressed, knowing you are ready to step on stage looking your very best!

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