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Adding Spray Tanning to Your Salon or Spa Tips

If you have your own salon or spa, you should think about intertwining modern technologies and following the newest trends in the beauty industry. Spray tanning has become very popular as many people are interested in a healthy and safe tanning experience.

Adding spray tanning to your business may not require a huge investment, but it does need good planning and marketing. However, don’t expect overnight success. Before you start your spray tanning adventure keep these few useful spray tanning salon tips in mind.

Liquid Sun Rayz was established over 15 years ago in the United States. The everyday solutions have never been used by salons or mobile spray tanners in Canada until 2019. This is a great opportunity to grow with a respected brand and help others experience the LRS difference.

Getting a Spray Tanning Licence

If you’re thinking of expanding your beauty services to spray tanning, then you should consider taking some business coursework and additional online classes, as well as obtaining practical experience. There are different training programs for spray tanning. You should obtain appropriate training to get the necessary skills.

Our training is extensive and will give you the core foundation to build a very successful spray tanning business.

Make a Short Presentation About Spray Tanning

Indoor tanning (using tanning booths or stand-up sunbeds) is popular and affordable, but it is also an unhealthy method for achieving a tan. Many people opt for UV tanning while being unaware of the consequences.

Feel free to talk to your clients about spray tanning — maybe they know nothing or have prejudices about the possibility of healthy tanning. You should have true information about this treatment, so your clients can trust you and continue to come to your salon. Even if your salon offers traditional indoor tanning booths the addition of custom airbrush spray tanning is both a luxury experience built on convenience and a great choice to expand your services to appeal to new clients.

Also, you should make a short presentation about the benefits that come with spray tanning and see how your clients react. That will help you recognize who your target audience is and what you need to do in order to keep them coming back.


Attract New Clients with Spray Tanning

Your salon or spa will definitely benefit from having a whole new audience through spray tanning. Yet, the real question is: how to reach that potential new audience?

Here are some tips:

Website and social media

Add “Call to Action” button in the main top space of your existing homepage. Write more information about the new service in your salon/spa. Show pictures before and after spray tanning treatments. Think about including social reviews and adding social media buttons (Facebook, Instagram) to your website.

Add spray tan treatment onto existing service

This is a perfect way to offer free spray tanning to your manicure or massage clients. Offering mobile tanning is a convenient way to offer a luxury experience to clients who are too busy to get to your salon.

Offer spray tan deals

Reward new clients or clients who bring in their friends. Offer them a discount and annual membership. Other examples of deals would be buy 5 tans get your 6th tan Free, referral programs, group discounts. The possibilities are endless. You can get as creative as you want to bring in and retain clients.

Gift cards and free birthday spray tanning treatments

This is going to make your clients feel important for their happiest day. Your present might inspire them to buy gift cards for their friends, too.

Demonstrate the results on your own skin

This is the best way to show someone that you guarantee a safe and successful spray tanning treatment.

You are also a walking advertisement. If you are wearing the colour your using, chances are people will comment about your colour and inquire about it. Which could potential lead to new clients coming to your business.


Talk to your clients about their concerns

Explain to them the other side of the story. They are usually worried about these common misconceptions:

Orange and unnatural look

If someone had a bad experience and got an orange tan, it’s because the previous salon had only a few shades, such as “light,” “medium,” or “dark.”

Modern spray tanning salons offer different shade variations of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which determines the final shade of the tan. That’s why you should learn how to customize the amount of DHA based on skin color. Also offering a “rapid” or “accelerate” tan helps your clients feel great if they want a tan that develops within a few hours.  These steps lead to great and natural looking spray tan results.

Uncomfortable and messy treatment

Clients usually imagine shade solution dripping all over the body. Custom airbrush spray tanning uses a spray gun to extract a fine mist that delivers an even spray tan without any mess for your clients. New technologies ensure that the spray dries rapidly. We also offer an additive that helps keep the skin moisturized and can help prolong the length of the tan.

We also offer an additive that helps keep the skin moisturized and hydrated, speeds up drying time, and helps prolong the length of the tan.

It is important to verbally explain the aftercare protocol to your clients to ensure they have a great experience and to show your knowledge which then in turn helps build their trust.

Complicated to maintain

Even though certain steps before and after the treatment must be done, maintaining tan is not complicated at all. Educating your clients about the importance of proper skin care before the treatment will ensure a smooth surface for better coverage, as well as that on the day of the tanning, using moisturizers and lotions is not recommended. Deodorant is also not recommended as it turns the armpits green. We have complete aftercare instructions available for your salon. And you can customize those as long as the basic information is available to your clients.

Proper after-care guidelines should be given to your clients whether by email or by an after-care sheet. It is important also verbally speak to them about things to avoid to help prolong the life and integrity of their tan.

Daily moisturizing with a fragrance-free moisturizer, avoiding body washes or soaps with fragrances or alcohols and avoiding long, hot showers. Avoid swimming or hot tubs to help maintain the life of your tan.

The spray tanning industry is growing fast. The success of your business depends on you and your skills. Putting an effort into intertwining these tips will help you stand out from your competition and show your clients that they are in good hands. Our training includes a wide variety of topics to help get your spray tanning business off to a glowing start.

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